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Our Clients
No. Project Scope Of Work Main Contractor OwnerYear
1Mobile Coal Crushing Plant 300 TPHEPCDirectPT. Bumi Unggul Nasional, Balikpapan2012
2Mobile Coal Crushing Plant 300TPHManufacturingDirectPT. Media Djaya Bersama, Jakarta2012
3Mobile Stone CrushingManufacturingPT. Tunggal Unggul NugrahaPTPN XIII2012
4Mobile Stone CrushingManufacturingDirectPT. KLI, Semarang2012
5Packer PlantFabrication & InstallationDirectPT. Indocement, Tbk2011
6NPK MillManufacturingDirectPT. Agro Indonesia Fertilizer, Jkt2011
7Stone CrushingManufacturingDirectPT. Mitra Stania Prima, Bangka Belitung2011
8Stone CrushingManufacturingDirectPT. Sumber Prima Indah, Sul -Teng2011
9Mobile Hammer MillManufacturingPT. Inti Barokah UtamaPT. Pupuk Kaltim2011
10Mobile Stone Crushing 15 TPH ManufacturingDirectPT. Wangun Sari2011
11Mobile Coal Crusher 300 TPH E.P.C.IDirectPT. Sentosa Laju Energi2011
12Revamping and Construction Crusher CV211 and Additional Conveyor CV214 EngineeringDirectPT. Adani Global2011
13Mobile Coal Crusher 200 TPHE.P.C.IDirectPT. Toba Jaya2010
14Mobile Stone SizingManufacturingDirectPT. Pandu Jaya Raya2010
15Mobile Stone Sizing Plant 60 TPHE.P.C.IDirectPT. Suma Tirta Kencana2010
16Mobile Stone SizingManufacturingDirectPT. Pembangunan Perumahan, Tbk2010
17Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Kutai Timber Indonesia2010
18Stone Sizing Plant 80 TPHE.P.C.IDirectPT. Karindo Mitra Sejati2010
19Mobile Stone Crushing 15 TPHManufacturingDirectPT. Padasa Enam UTama2010
20Mobile Stone Crushing 40 TPHManufacturingDirectPT. Bakti Pertiwi Nusantara Mining2010
21Manual Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Sinar Artha Perkasa2010
22Copper Ore MillManufacturingDirectPT. Star Unggul Lestari2010
23Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Kawan Lama Sejahtera2010
24Mobile Stone SizingE.P.C.IDirectPT. Swakarsa Sinar Sentosa2010
25Mobile Stone Crushing 30 TPHManufacturingDirectPT. Berkah2009
26Plastic CrusherManufacturingDirectPT. Sweet Indo Lampung2009
27Mixer Repairing and ModificationManufacturingDirectPT. Holcim Indonesia, Tbk2009
28Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Terra Sentosa Residence2009
29Lime Stone MillManufacturingDirectPT. Vista Padang Asri2009
30Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Ometraco Arya Samanti2009
31Mobile Stone SizingManufacturingDirectPT. Bahtera Indah Jaya2009
32Zeolite Powder MillManufacturingDirectPT. Cemerlang Bumi Makmur2009
33Mobile Stone SizingManufacturingDirectPT. Tirtadaya Sakti2009
34Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Pradipa Artha Selaras2009
35Marble Powder MillManufacturingDirectPT. Tanjung Kumala Raya2009
36Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. CIta Puga2009
37Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Netco2008
38Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Interpan Pacific2008
39Stone Sizing PlantManufacturingDirectPT. Reganda2008
40Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Sinar Indah Kertas2008
41Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Manunggal Pratama Mandiri2008
42Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Tata Bumi Raya2008
43Block MachineManufacturingDirectPT. Nagurata Koji Corporation2008
44Stone Sizing Plant 60 TPHE.P.C.IDirectPT. Papan Sejahtera Samara2008
45Mobile Stone SizingManufacturingDirectPT. Bunaken Lestari Ardibrata2008
46Mobile Stone SizingManufacturingDirectPT. Arta Nusa Madani2008
47Stone CrushingManufacturingDirectPT. Alfastillindo2008
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